The Goal Zero Story:

In 2009, Goal Zero officially launched with one mission: to empower people by putting reliable power in the hands of every human being. Since then, the company has provided relief to victims of natural disasters, brought power to rural villages in India, and pushed the limits of outdoor recreation.

Goal Zero + Stryde

Jumping forward to 2013, Goal Zero grew both its humanitarian efforts and its sales in consumer goods every year. However, that same growth wasn’t happening through digital marketing. Competition grew rapidly online and site traffic started to decline just as quick. Goal Zero reached out to Stryde for help.

We found that their website had numerous problems with SEO optimization and technical issues. As a result, Google organic search traffic was taking a hit. Traffic had fallen by 3% and dropped below 130K visits each month. Through our analysis we found the following opportunities:  

Organic Search and Content Opportunity

Organic search traffic was the only reason Goal Zero looked to Stryde for help. The lose in organic search traffic was causing a 21% decrease in revenue. Some of the problems included: little to no keywords in the content across the site, lack of site optimizations for key landing pages, slow site speed from excessive Javascript and CSS files, lack of internal links to category and sub-category pages and more.  

Go Zero SERP results

Organic Search Solutions

To get organic search heading back in the right direction, Stryde implemented the following:   

  • Built out buyer personas to understand why people buy their products and what their informational needs are before making a purchase
  • Took inventory of all the content that was on Goal Zero’s site
  • Compared the informational needs of consumers with the content they had on their site to understand where they had gaps
  • Analyzed keywords and put together an extensive keyword strategy
  • Mapped and implemented keywords to specific landing pages to build keyword relevance
  • Reviewed their website’s HTML code and gave recommendations to clean up excessive JavaScript and inline CSS
  • Redirected old product, category and subcategory URLs to relevant pages   
  • Found and fixed duplicate content and canonical tag issues
  • Fixed URLs with parameters
  • Cleanup up mobile redirect issues using HTTP redirects along with the Vary HTTP header.

Opportunities + Strategy and Execution = Growth

By implementing the tactics above we helped Goal Zero achieve these results:

Organic Search Growth in 4 Months
Organic Revenue Growth in 4 Months
Organic Traffic Growth Year Over Year
Organic Revenue Growth YOY

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