Companies who generate a lot of their revenue via online channels understand how important a responsive email list is to their business. A responsive list, no matter what the size, is worth its weight in gold and can be a source of recurring revenue through strategic remarketing efforts. Growing and maintaining a list of quality email subscribers takes a lot of work, but by following a few best practices, you can ensure that your email marketing initiatives are successful and profitable for years to come. In today’s post, we are going to talk about four things you should be doing to grow and maintain your email list.

Don’t Ever Take Shortcuts

The first rule of growing and maintaining a quality email subscriber list is to never take shortcuts, EVER! Take it from me, purchasing a list of targeted subscribers from an email list broker is an extremely bad idea! It is also a bad idea to do a bait and switch, meaning promising your prospects something to get them to opt-in and then not deliver or deliver something completely different.

Ask For Subscribers Everywhere

The second rule of growing and maintaining a quality email list is to ask for subscribers everywhere. Most webmasters will just ask for the opt-in when someone visits their website. Others, those who are growing their subscribers at an insane rate, ask for the opt-in everywhere. Some of the places where you can ask for the opt-in are as follows:
  • Facebook Page
  • Google+ Page
  • Twitter
  • During the checkout process
  • After the sale
  • In the sales notification email
  • Ask your subscribers if they can refer new subscribers
And the list can go on and on.

Attract Subscribers With Content

The third rule of growing and maintaining a quality email list is to attract subscribers with valuable content. In addition to creation and social promotion of your content, email list growth should also play into your content marketing and promotion strategy. If not, you are missing out on some HIGH QUALITY subscribers. So how do you do this? First, you need awesome content that is actually valuable to your target audience. This can come in the form of whitepapers, ebooks, training manuals, how-to guides, and so forth. Next, you take this content and place it in a locked down section of your site and only make it available to individuals who opt-in to receive your email communications. It’s really as simple as that 🙂

Increase Subscribers With The Right Incentives

The fourth rule of growing and maintaining a quality email list is to use incentives to increase opt-ins. Not just any incentives, but incentives that are valued by your target audience. Running a contest and offering a $500 gift card to Amazon to grow subscribers will only get you a bunch of people who don’t really want to receive an email from you. To make matters worse, they will most likely start reporting you as spam and could result in your email server getting blacklisted. Just don’t do it! Instead, offer free product, promo codes, or other targeted incentives to grow an email list of potential buyers. As said above, a responsive email list is worth its weight in gold and is surely worth the time and investment it takes to grow and maintain it. Do you have any other tips on how to grow your email list? If so, please share in the comments section below.]]>