When it comes to social media marketing, I’m not a big believer of drumming up followers, friends, and likes just to look awesome. What I am a huge believer of, is using social media for what it was intended, connecting with your target audience, engaging them, and turning them into customers and then into brand advocates. In today’s post, I’d like to talk about five social networks that you’re probably not using at all and if you are, you’re not using them to their full potential. Let’s get started.


I would describe Quora as a question/answer engine. It is a fantastic place for businesses of any kind to hang out and participate in discussions in their verticals. If I were a plumber, I’d look for individuals who are asking questions about fixing toilets, sink drains, and so forth. The awesome thing about Quora is, not only will you get some great backlinks out of your efforts, but if you provide quality answers that actually help someone, you might actually get some new business out of it. Which again, is why I participate in social media 🙂


StumbleUpon has been around for many years and most business owners have probably used it on more than one occasion. If I were a betting man, I’d say that most businesses have an account with Stumble and use it for the sole purpose of pushing their new blog posts to “another network”. I’M GUILTY!!! What you should be doing instead is tapping into their Paid Discovery option, which helps you deliver your content to relevant individuals. All you need to do is submit a URL and select targeting preferences and BAM!!, your content is in front of a new audience that is actively seeking content that you have to offer. It’s easy marketing!


A lot of businesses have forgotten about Flickr since Pinterest has been on the scene. Businesses who have forgotten about Flickr are missing out on a huge opportunity to get their content in front of an audience not found on Pinterest. You will find that you’ll have the most success by posting share worthy images and videos, for example, you can show behind the scenes images your staff or production line as a way to better connect with current and future customers.


Another network that has been forgotten by business owners is FourSquare. FourSquare came out of the gate swinging, with a ton of momentum, but has fizzled over the last year or so as more people have chosen to use Facebook’s location check-in feature and Yelp. The truth is, there are still die hard FourSquare users and if you aren’t using their business tools, you are missing out on opportunities to connect with current and future customers and bring them into your brick and mortar stores.

Cafe Mom

Cafe what? Yes, Cafe Mom is a social network that most people have never heard of, which is a crying shame since it is a huge network where moms hang out and chat about ever day events. For businesses whose target audience is mothers, Cafe Mom is an excellent place to jump in and join the conversation, or even better, just follow along and come up with some great content ideas for your blog posts and drip campaigns. If this is your target audience and you’re not hanging out at Cafe Mom, you are seriously insane 🙂 What do you think? Are you spending enough time in these social networks? Are you leveraging their full potential to connect with your audience? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.]]>