Event Recap: Content Marketing Bootcamp 2014

Event Recap: Content Marketing Bootcamp 2014

Yesterday, half of the Stryde team traveled to the beautiful Adobe complex in Lehi, UT. What brought us and hundreds of other Utah marketers together here was an in-depth, hands-on, education Content Marketing Bootcamp event. Utah Business Magazine, Adobe, and Avalaunch were the main sponsors who put on this intense and information-packed day-long session.

From 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, we were treated to golden pieces of wisdom from eight of the best minds in content marketing. We learned so much, that we wanted to pass along the highlights to those who couldn’t attend.

Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion

“How To Create a Culture of Content Marketing that Gets Incredible Results”

Hearing Marcus Sheridan speak is like getting a B12 shot. He has so much energy, it leaves you wanting to take on the world and answer all the questions. But in all seriousness, Marcus is not afraid to confront marketers with the questions they don’t want to answer.

Our Favorite Twitter Moment:

Chad Warren, Adobe

“Social Analytics”

Chad Warren was clearly feeling at home in the beautiful surroundings of the Adobe building. He was a gracious host who even divulged a “dirty secret” of social media: “No one wants to be friends with your business.”

Our Favorite Twitter Moment:

David Malmborg, Right Intel

“Turning Content Curation into Thought Leadership – The Hierarchy of Content Marketing Needs”

We’re huge fans of Right Intel already, and we’re pretty sure the rest of the marketers in attendance would agree with us after David Malmborg took the stage yesterday. Malmborg encouraged all of us to become the curators in the museum that is our business.

Our Favorite Twitter Moment:

Josh Parkinson, Post Planner

“The Top Heresies of Content Marketing — and Why Committing Them is Crucial”

Josh Parkinson didn’t disappoint with his energy, either. Parkinson’s passion and “break all the rules” attitude towards social media kept the audience totally enthralled.

Our Favorite Twitter Moment:

Rachael Herrscher, Today’s Mama Blog

“Social Content Creation: Working With Social Platforms and Bloggers For Impact”

Rachael Herrscher’s authenticity and no-nonsense approach to business are qualities left the whole room hanging on her every word. Whether it was her lesson on what is and is not a “mommy blog” or her insights on how to get the most out of posting on social media platforms, Herrscher certainly left us with actionable content marketing items.

Our Favorite Twitter Moment:

Owen Fuller, Qzzr

“How to make one of those insanely viral quizzes that you’re seeing everywhere”

After hearing one of the Qwizwards speak, you are guaranteed to catch the quizzing bug. Owen Fuller gave us all amazing insight into why quizzes are so viral, and how to bottle some of that magic.

Our Favorite Twitter Moment:

Dan Bischoff, Content Hook

“Lessons From the AP: How To Build a Winning Content Team”

Dan Bischoff taught all of us the importance of a well-balanced content marketing team. The underlying theme of his presentation is something that we’re still thinking about today: creating a human connection through a brand.

Our Favorite Twitter Moment:

Devin Knighton, Instructure/Canvas

“Thinking Big: How Instructure Canvas Partnered with AMC TV on “The Walking Dead”

When a great marketing mind Devin Knighton took the stage, we knew we were in for a treat. Knighton’s recanting of the events that lead up to Instructure/Canvas’ partnership with “The Walking Dead” made us all believe that we’re capable of greatness, too.

Our Favorite Twitter Moment:

As you can see, we were inundated with content marketing goodies yesterday! If you attended, what was your favorite part of the day? 

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