Image Via[/caption] Matt Cutts announced on September 28, 2012 that the Google EMD (Exact Match Domain) algorithm change sets out to reduce low-quality exact-match domains from showing up so highly in the search results. Exact match domains refer to domain names that exactly match the search query. Previous to the EMD algorithm change, exact-match domains often had an unmerited ranking advantage in the search engines. Like Panda and Penguin, the EMD update sets out to level the playing field and do a better job at ranking websites properly based on content and quality. This update does not mean that sites with keywords in the domain name are now fated to low rankings, rather this algorithm change targets low quality sites that were ranking well because of the exact match in the domain only.

How can I recover from the EMD update?

  1. Remove or strengthen all low quality content currently on your site.
  2. Clean up your inbound link profile by removing any links that Google may deem as negative.
  3. Add new, high-quality content to your site on a regular basis.
  4. Develop a new, high-quality link building campaign.
  5. Engage in social media to gain social strength and to support your website efforts and message.
If you have questions about the Google EMD update or if you need help with recovery, please contact the experts at Stryde today.]]>