1. Give out“Bounce Back” Coupons To turn holiday shoppers into repeat customers, give out or email coupons to holiday customers that are only valid after Christmas. The coupon should be time sensitive and give the consumer only 5-10 days to redeem their coupon. This will instill a sense of urgency for buyers, thus making them more likely to convert.

2. Beef up Social Media

Ecommerce businesses may be working overtime for the holidays, but that’s not the case for all professionals. Many people take off work for the holidays to spend time with their families. While these professionals may be disconnected from work and emailing, they are often still connected via social media. One of the best ways to connect post holidays is through your social networks. Reward customers for being connected by providing social-only incentives.

3. Keep up Holiday Marketing Efforts

“Many retail and ecommerce businesses make the mistake of cutting off their email, search, and social media efforts when the holidays come and go,” explains Mike Sprouse, CEO & president of Sprouse Marketing Group. What companies fail to realize is that people are still in buying mode weeks after Christmas. People are cashing in gift cards, exchanging items, and looking to spend money they received from relatives. Sprouse’s advice: “Stay aggressive right up until the new year with post-holiday specials and marketing.”

4. Recoup Sales From Abandoned Shopping Carts

Oftentimes buyers use their shopping cart to keep items they plan to buy later or to view and purchase on another device. Head of product at ecommerce software provider Magento, Jimmy Duvall says, “most shoppers expect to be contacted about their abandoned purchase — and that a special offer to complete the purchase is welcome. If you’re able to capture an email address on abandoned carts, you should have a qualified pool of shoppers to market to and keep your sales momentum moving after the holidays.”

5. Launch a New Product or Service

According to Susie Wang, cofounder of cosmetics company 100% Pure, one way to entice customers to visit your store after the holidays is to launch a new product or service. Another idea to consider is giving away a new product with any purchase during the month of January.

6. Deepen Discounts for Trendy Items

Styles and fads come and go. Rid your shop of all items that may seem outdated in the new year by really discounting those products. This will help you avoid losing money on them. According to this Hubspot article, “Even selling them at cost is better than a whole warehouse full of products you won’t be able to sell later.”

7. Gear up for the New Year

Use the holiday peak of your business as leverage to learn more about your consumer. Dive into your analytics and decipher what your most successful and unsuccessful products were, which consumers made repeat purchases, and what marketing tools were the most effective. Two things Hubspot suggests that you should consider:

a. Segment Contact Lists

The post-holiday sales are the perfect time to send customized offers to select groups in your contact database. For example, for every person who bought a Samsung Galaxy from your website this year, you can send out your unique offers for accessories for that specific phone only to those who purchased. By doing this, you won’t need to worry about annoying your customers with irrelevant offers, for one thing. In addition, you can also focus solely on those items you really need to move before new inventory comes in.

b. Bundle Packages

Hubspot suggests, “Leading into the holidays you might want to think about packaging products that are purchased together into gift bundles. Post holidays, you can use this information suggest new products to existing customers.”

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