Having struggled with health issues, David was introduced to a rebounder in the early 90’s. He started using a rebounder for 10 minutes a day and within a few weeks, he began seeing numerous health benefits. This motivated David enough that in 1995 created the Cellerciser. His mission is to inspire physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health and well-being in people of all ages.

Cellercise + Stryde

Cellercise has gone through numerous business changes but the mission has always remained the same, which is to promote health and wellness to everyone. With increasing competition, organic rankings over the last couple of years had taken a substantial hit. Eventually, David Hall reached out to Stryde for assistance.

We found numerous problems hindering Cellercise from growing online. Google was having issues crawling and indexing the site, SEO optimization challenges and they weren’t collecting any email addresses anywhere on the site. The result was total traffic had fallen by more than 50% and was well below 6K visits per month. Additionally, email was a small portion of revenue each month.



The decline of organic search traffic was the biggest reason Cellercise looked to Stryde for help. The decline in organic search visibility was causing more than a 20% decline in revenue month over month. Some of the problems included: lack of site optimizations for all pages on the site, thin content on numerous pages, duplicate meta tags, excessive use of iframes and site speed was slow. To regain organic search visibility, STRYDE implemented these solutions:


  • Optimized the site for SEO best practices
  • Regularly published fresh content on the blog
  • Created a robust keyword strategy and implement it on all pages of the site
  • Gave recommendations for new page content
  • Cleaned up meta tag and technical issues



Implementing some form of pop-up on the site was a big opportunity to start capturing potential customers’ email. Since nothing was set up on the site they weren’t collecting any emails before a purchase was made. STRYDE implemented the following to increase email subscribers:


  • Setup popups to start collecting email addresses    
  • Ran A/B tests on popups to improve email subscriber conversion rate
  • Implemented an email drip campaign for new subscribers


Total Organic Traffic Growth

  • 200% YOY

Total Revenue Growth

  • 75% YOY