Lakanto started with a mission to deliver an all-natural, zero-calorie sugar substitute that tastes good and doesn’t elevate blood sugar levels. Made of Monk Fruit that originates in East Asia, Lakanto was established back in 2012.

Lakanto + Stryde

Lakanto found a lot of success early on from attending Natural Product Expos, which allowed them to establish key partnerships. Through these partnerships, they were able to distribute their products on sites like Walmart, VitaCost, iHerb and more. This strategy helped to increase brand exposure, however, the business needed help growing direct sales through their website using digital marketing.

Lakanto looked for an outside agency to define and execute a strategy and our partnership began.

We analyzed Google Analytics, email subscribers, content on the website and their social channels to understand the gaps Lakanto was concerned about. Then we analyzed the 4.5K+ monthly visitors coming to the site, channels driving traffic and conversion funnels for the 350+ monthly orders and found the following challenges and opportunities with each digital marketing channel:



Organic search traffic was a high priority for Lakanto when they looked to Stryde for help. Majority of Lakanto’s first page keyword rankings were branded terms. Outside of that they had little to no search terms ranking on the first two pages of Google. To improve organic search performance, STRYDE implemented these solutions.


  • Analyzed keyword trends to determine a keyword strategy that included large search volume terms but had low competition
  • Created useful content in the form of blog posts, quizzes, guides and product giveaways  to fill the content gaps they had
  • Performed a content audit and determined gaps in their content marketing strategy
  • Implemented rich pins for all of their recipes and optimized blog graphics for Pinterest
  • Helped them diversify their recipes since majority of them were for dessert



Lakanto’s email strategy primarily consisted of emails to their customers about sales and discounts. This strategy drove revenue but at the cost of smaller margins and customers only purchasing when they get a discount. Further, getting potential customers to subscribe to their email list was a missed opportunity. STRYDE implemented the following to increase newsletter subscribers:


  • Tested various pop ups to improve email subscriber conversion rate
  • Set up various workflows based on interests of each subscriber
  • Pushed out emails to promote blog content and to make announcements of new ambassadors and influencers working with Lakanto



Lakanto’s social platforms were getting little to no engagement on the kind of content they were sharing with each audience. Additionally, the brand didn’t have a consistent voice across the various social channels so the buyer personas they were targeting wasn’t consistent from channel to channel. We worked to drive relevant traffic to their social media profiles and increase engagement through:



  • A/B tested targeted Facebook ads to grow brand awareness
  • Targeted ads and boosted posts for select content on Lakanto’s website
  • Giveaways to promote products and drive brand awareness
  • Set up and pushed content to Instagram
  • Regularly pin products and recipes on Pinterest


Total Traffic Growth

  • 43% YOY

Total Revenue Growth

  • 45% YOY