Google Analytics knew all of us businesses with one of their accounts would be confused and like to be enlightened on what these changes are and why they’re happening. Google Analytics’ thinking behind these changes is that businesses need to better understand and analyze their user behavior as users interact with businesses through several digital touchpoints, like websites, mobile apps, and a few other digital devices, in today’s world. With these very recent changes, which will be rolling out to all accounts over the next week, businesses will now view their web and app data from the same reporting view. If your business sends web and app hits to one property in your Google Analytics account, you’ll now see all your hits in all your reporting views. You can choose to add a filter to your reporting views if you want to keep this data separate though. If you don’t send the two sets of data to the same property in your account you don’t need to worry because your data is staying the same. But it doesn’t matter how businesses send their data because everyone is going to see the unified dimension, metric and segment names in their reports. With the names being the same in each view, businesses now have a clear-cut and uniform way to analyze and discuss their Google Analytics data. Changes always take a little time to get used to, but changes also usually happen for the better. So bring on the changes Google Analytics. We’re ready to adapt.]]>