BlueGlassX Day One & Two Recap

By December 5, 2012Inbound Marketing

BlueGlass has put on some pretty amazing conferences over the last year or so, so I was ecstatic when I found out that they were hosting another conference called BlueGlassX. One thing BlueGlass has done very well with their conferences is their ability to attract the very best speakers in our industry and bring them together in an intimate setting.

Unfortunately we were not in attendance this time, but we are hoping to be in attendance when they put on their conference in LA this coming may. Since we weren’t there, we watched their twitter feed like a hawk and took in as much as we possibly could. We also read every summary post they posted on their blog and it is top notch stuff!

Because it was so awesome, I thought I’d put together a quick post linking out to the summary blog posts from both days of the conference. Make sure you have at least a few hours or so to get through these, process them, and figure out how to work them into your online marketing strategy.

Happy Reading!!

Day One Sessions

Session 1: Greg Boser & Brian Clark

Harnessing Change & Chaos To Foster Marketing Innovation

This presentation was about the different ways businesses can thrive by leveraging new and evolving strategies and tactics.

Session 2: Hugo Guzman & Kevin Gibbons

Beyond The Buzz: The True Power of Content Marketing

This presentation was about how to execute powerful content marketing strategies that help businesses grow online.

Session 3: Pete Meyers & Selena Narayanasamy

Technical SEO Wizardry (How To Get The Most From Your Data)

Love Dr. Pete! This presentation was about how to leverage your data to help you make better decisions that affect your online marketing.

Session 4: Derek Halpern & Rob Woods

How To Build A Large, Passionate Audience From Scratch With No Connections

This presentation was about how to build an audience for your business from scratch.

Session 5: Julie Joyce & Ross Hudgens

Link Building Strategies That Actually Work

This presentation was about the different link building strategies you need to be leveraging in 2013. This post was awesome!

Day Two Sessions

Session 1: David Mihm & Michael Dorausch

Local and Mobile Domination: Harnessing the Changing SERPs

This presentation was about executing local and mobile strategies.

Session 2: Janel Laravie & Manny Rivas

Mastering New and Hidden Paid Search Strategies

This presentation was about the different kinds of paid search opportunities and how to get started.

Session 3: Simon Heseltine & Jennifer Sable Lopez

Transforming Your Visitors Into a Dedicated and Passionate Community

This presentation was a follow up to the presentation about building an audience. In this presentation, they go through the ins and outs of turning your audience into a community.

Session 4: Missy Ward & Chris Tolles

Secrets of PR Success: Real Tactics for Building a Massively Popular Brand

This presentation was about how to sync up your marketing efforts with your PR efforts. Very good post!

Well, that’s a wrap. I just wanted to send a huge thank you to Michelle for putting all of these summary posts together.

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