7 Digital Marketing Tweets Of The Week

7 Digital Marketing Tweets Of The Week

By October 3, 2014Social Media
STRYDE | 7 Digital Marketing Tweets Of The Week

We’re not sure if you’ve noticed this, but if you follow more than a few hundred people on Twitter it’s nearly impossible to use the Home Feed for it’s intended purpose. Hello unnecessary noise! You’re trying to stay up-to-date with the latest digital marketing news and all of the sudden you’re visually attacked by a Katy Perry retweet. It’s okay, we’ve all been there.

To keep you in-the-know, we’re starting a weekly roundup (aptly named “Tweets Of The Week”). This way, you can catch up on the most important news in the Twitterverse you might have missed. To give you a true Twitter representation, we’ve mixed in some Tweets of our favorite publishers alongside ones from our favorite talking heads.

…And away we go!

1. Heather Lloyd-Martin dropped some serious content marketing wisdom:

2. Ann Handley got a new title:

3. Lee Odden was disappointed:

4. Michele Linn broke it down:

5. Mashable can’t even:

6. Nick Kellet got REAL:

7. Relevance reminded us of the components of true storytelling:

And that’s the week in Tweets! Happy October, everybody. See you next Friday.

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