15 Awesome Content Marketing Ideas For 2013

By December 17, 2012Content Marketing

content-marketingWe are exactly 16 days away from from the New Year so we’ve decided to put together a pretty rocking post on 15 stellar content marketing ideas for 2013. Every business we work with with are hard at work looking for innovative ways to create compelling content for the New Year, so we are going to make it easy by just handing it over to you. You’re welcome!

1. Find at least three (or more) thought leaders in your industry and build them into your content plan. This can include interviews, ego bait, etc.

2. Find potential publishing partners and launch a content marketing project together. Many businesses are jumping on the content bandwagon. Partner with them before they partner with someone else.

3. Make it a top priority to focus your content to buyer personas. Content created for a specific persona brings qualified customers to your site, they convert higher, and have a higher lifetime value.

4. Assign one employee to manage your SlideShare account and have them figure out how to leverage this tool as part of your content marketing. This can include repurposing blog content or building presentations specifically targeting a select group of people.

5. Make sure that every content landing page has only one call to action. Remember, we want to limit as many distractions as possibe!

6. Update your list of social media influencers and work really hard to build real relationships with them.

7. Get every single employee who is not in marketing involved in your weekly content plan. Remember everyone is on the marketing team and should be blogging and performing other activities that impact your bottom line 🙂

8. Sit down with every salesperson and ask them what their customers pain points are and put in place a plan to address each of them through your content. This helps generate more leads but also shortens the buying cycle.

9. Generate a list of the top 100 questions coming from your customer base and put in place a plan to answer them through your content. This helps with client retention and growing your client lifetime value.

10. Ask whoever is in charge of customer service what their top 10 complaints were this year and build a content program to help address them. Same as the above, helps with retention and increasing client lifetime value.

11. Stop doing the same old crappy press releases and build them as engaging stories instead. You know what I’m talking about 🙂

12. Make sure that your content is easy to consume on both smartphones and tablets. This can include that your website be responsive and that you have a quick load time. Remember, mobile usage is up and people love to consume content on their devices!

13. Get smarter with usage of images in your content. Don’t forget to optimize them for the search engines!

14. Start a podcast series for business professionals and make it easy to subscribe from your website.

15. Read one non-marketing book (one in or about your niche) every month. You might also subscribe to and read trade magazines as well. I find that by doing this, I get a ton of ideas to use in my content marketing efforts.

There are obviously lots of other great ideas to add to your content marketing plan, however, these are some of the best ones you can implement in 2013. Have any other ideas that you’d like to share? Please do so in the comments section below.

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