10 Stupid Simple Ways To Get More Twitter Followers

10 Stupid Simple Ways To Get More Twitter Followers

By December 10, 2012Social Media

twitter-followersWhile many people use Twitter for personal reasons, like staying in contact with close friends and family members, there are more and more people writing quality content on Twitter to assist in marketing their products and services.

Although the quality of the content in your conversations on Twitter are very important, if nobody hears it you’re out of luck! Because of this, it’s important to have both high-quality content and a high quantity of followers to get your message across on Twitter.

Here are 10 Stupid Simple Ways to help start to build your audience on Twitter.

  1. Use the Twitter follow button throughout your online properties.
  2. Explain the importance of retweeting and encourage your followers to retweet your links.
  3. Follow others and they may follow you back.
  4. Follow users that know what they are doing and learn from them.
  5. Jump into the hot topic conversations and get involved by replying and adding comments.
  6. Use your Twitter profile name on your email signature.
  7. Use your Twitter profile name on your social media networks.
  8. Make sure your Twitter bio is complete. If it is interesting to others they may want to follow you.
  9. Use #hashtags around the content you are passionate about. Hash tagging makes it easier for others to find and enjoy your content.
  10. Publish interesting content on Twitter and post interesting pictures.

Regardless if you choose to use one of the ways above or all of the, you should pay close attention to your Twitter analytics (I like to use Twitter Counter and Qwitter) to see what works for you.

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