13 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid Like the Plague

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Social Media marketing Mistakes - Matrix Meme

Keeping up with social media can be overwhelming, and rightfully so!
It seems like new social media websites gain traction every year.
And just as your strategy starts to work, new updates get released and you have to adjust everything


No wonder why busy business owners are sticking their heads in the sand, and making social media marketing mistakes left and right.

Being able to ensure that you aren’t making any of these mistakes takes a lot of effort. I know because I’ve made almost all of these mistakes before as well.
But you can do it.
Your fans depend on you to do it right.

1. Focusing on the Numbers

Having 100 obsessed brand advocates is much better than having 10,000 inactive followers. Similarly, don’t buy followers, as it will ruin your reputation and reach (thanks to Facebook’s EdgeRank).

2. Spamming

I’m still shocked that companies use this tactic.
It is ineffective.

It will destroy your brand’s reputation.
It will get your page deleted from the social network.
Plain and simple- don’t do it.

3. Setting It and Forgetting It

Far too many companies create social media profiles and abandon them. You have to be in it for the long haul. Putting the time and effort into building relationships will create happy brand advocates. 

4. Flying Solo

Reach out to others and join conversations on a daily basis. They’re called social networks for a reason. Be social!

5. Always Posting About You

This activity is sure to push your followers away. People’s favorite subject is… you guessed it- themselves! Give value to your followers by providing helpful resources, interesting news, deals, and funny insights.

6. Connecting Profiles

Many social media networks allow you to connect status updates to your profiles on other networks. Sounds good right? Wrong. Different social media networks have different cultures that respond better to specific types of posts.  In addition, you need to give people a reason to follow your other social media accounts as well, without seeing the same posts.

7. Posting Too Much, Not Enough, or at the Wrong Time

News feeds full of posts from the same person or company gets old- fast.
Not posting enough can make people forget about you.
And if you post when no one is online, your fans won’t even see.  

To learn how to give your posts maximum exposure. check out KISSmetric’s infographic, The Science of Social Timing.

8. Ignoring Everyone

Very few things can lose followers faster than ignoring them or responding too late. Dedicate one person on your team to keep an eye on all of your social media accounts through Hootsuite. 

Your followers aren’t the only ones you should listen to. Use Google Alerts and SocialMention to be alerted when anyone online posts something about you.

9. Isolating Traffic

Drive your traffic from your social media accounts to your website! It’s great if you have a lot of fans, but if your social media marketing isn’t increasing your revenue, you’re not going to see any benefit (check out my post on vanity metrics).

Drive traffic via links in posts, in your profile description, or through tabs on Facebook (learn how to make them here).

10. Bad Design

First impressions count. I cannot say it enough- invest in social media page design. If you don’t have a fantastic designer at your disposal, crowd source the design through 99designs.com. If you have an almost non-existent budget, buy design templates from GraphicRiver.com for $2 and, with a few edits in Photoshop, your pages can look great.

11. Poor Planning

Thought you had enough plans as it is? Well, here’s another one that you need to integrate into your marketing strategy. Establishing a solid plan can relieve a lot of the stress that comes with managing social media accounts.

Write out an editorial calendar with interesting posts to write each day and space to write more spontaneous updates of what’s trending. 

12. Spelling and Grammar Errors

This one is a no brainer, but it happens all the time. Thankfully, Facebook and Twitter have a spell check feature, but this shouldn’t stop you from triple checking your grammar and spelling before clicking Post.

13. Not Claiming All of Your Business Pages

Nothing can be more maddening than setting up a new social media page, only to find out that someone’s already taken it! Keep an eye open for new social media websites that start gaining traction and stake your claim immediately.

Extra Tip

Even though it’s essential to create a profile on the popular social media networks- stick to focusing on just a few.
Choose 2 or 3 networks that your market is on the most and own it.

Do you sell women’s products? Focus on Pinterest.

Sell Enterprise Software? LinkedIn may be your best choice.

Not sure which networks to choose? Just ask your customers!
And while you’re at it, ask them which brands they to follow and why. 

Now you know what social media marketing mistakes to avoid.
The amount of effort can be daunting, I know, but the benefits of extending your reach, building brand loyalty, and earning more sales are worth it!

Your Thoughts

Who are your favorite brands on social media?
Have you borrowed any ideas from other companies and applied them to your own campaigns?

Tell us in the comments below!

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