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The fastest way to generate reliable traffic to your website:

PPC is useful if your business needs a sudden traffic increase, because it gives you reliable traffic flow for an expected amount of money. While some digital marketers don’t like PPC nor see it as a really successful way to enhance your online marketing strategy, it’s a proven tactic to give your business immediate results. If you’re looking to implement an online marketing strategy that’s a quick and easy way to put your website in front of your target audience, then PPC is the channel to leverage.

PPC Traditional Services

Pay-per-click marketing, or PPC, is a digital marketing strategy that allows website owners and managers to pay for the traffic they receive. Most PPC services are arranged for different search engines, social platforms and advertising systems, where they pay an agreed upon sum of money every time a reader clicks on their advertisement.

In every traditional PPC campaign our team carries out the following research and analysis, leading to measurable results in website traffic, conversions, and revenue:

Keyword Research

Competitive Research

Account Setup

Landing Page Analysis

Landing Page Optimization

Ongoing Monitoring & Optimization

PPC PLAs Services

Product listings ads (PLAs) are a quick way to place your product in front of a potential buyer in their moment of need. When it comes to e-commerce, PLAs provide the perfect vehicle for reaching buyers at the later stages of their buying journey. As a result, product listing ads tend to perform well above other ad formats.

PLAs typically include:

Product Image

Product Price

Promo Message

Business Name

This ad format allows you to include a product image, price, promotional message, and your business name inside the ad unit served to searchers.

PPC Retargeting Services

If you’re unfamiliar with retargeting (AKA remarketing), it certainly is not unfamiliar with you. Chances are you’ve been served up a retargeting advertisement before in your online activities. Essentially, the way remarketing works is quite simple. Visitors to your site are tagged with a cookie, which follows them around onto other sites. When that user reaches another Display Network or Search Network site, a special ad is served up just for them.

Landing Page Analysis Icon

Potential Customer Visits Site


Abandon Cart Icon

Potential Customer Leaves Without Checking Out



Potential Customer Goes Online Later


Target Icon

Potential Customer Turns Into Happy Customer


Ongoing Monitoring Icon

The Potential Customer Returns To Your Site



Your Ad Recaptures Interest


Retargeting is an incredible tool for creating and fostering top-of-mind awareness. When a potential customer thinks of your brand first within your product category, that gives you a huge advantage. It is human nature to like things to which you are familiar. That is the true power of retargeting, you are creating an aware consumer who will eventually transform into a customer.


Success Stories

The Stryde team is extremely knowledgeable and experienced – delivering on everything promised, while exceeding my high expectations. In terms of performance, our web traffic increased by 124% and inbound leads increased by 50% by the third month. I have used other marketing firms, and without hesitation, we would recommend Stryde to any organization that needs to beef-up their content marketing campaigns, fast!

– Steve Marco – HIPAA One


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