analytics and attribution

No matter the industry or size of your business, you need a good marketing campaign. One way to ensure that campaign is a success is by using analytics. If your business doesn’t use analytics, then you don’t know the effectiveness of your campaigns and you don’t know if your money is being spent appropriately.

Analytics are the crystal ball that reveal how your marketing programs are truly performing. At Stryde, our analytics system gathers and then consolidates all data from your marketing efforts into a unified marketing view.

Many digital marketers only focus on one channel, like social media or website metrics. That’s not the way we work at Stryde. We know a limited focus does not pave the road to success. We measure all analytical data and do it in a way that lets us see our marketing efforts over a specific span of time. Our marketing analytics techniques reveal past data, analyze present data, and help us predict future data for your business.

Too much data can create “analysis-paralysis” for some marketers, but at Stryde we have trained professionals who aren’t intimidated by large quanitities data. We’re trained to analyze and interpret data to ensure we take the right actions.

We do this because it’s necessary. It’s necessary for efficient decision-making and execution. We use our analytical data not only to formulate strategy and maximize ROI on your business’s campaign, but also to prove the value of our efforts on a regular basis.

You shouldn’t trust just any person with your company’s data. At Stryde, our team is specialized and trained in marketing analytics. Only those individuals have the privilege of pouring over your data.

If your business is looking for experts who do on-site and off-site analytics, then contact Stryde to learn more about what we can offer your business today.